Margot Kilian (Margaux)





Margaux - Margot Kilian was born in 1952

in Hetzerath/Mosel Germany

She started to paint when she was a child.

Her paintings cover themes of the whole nature,

the universe and all human beings.

1993 - 1995

Nature Cure Study

Beside her professional work she increased her relationship to nature

1996 - 1999

Art Studyy

"Neue Kunstschule Zürich"



 October 1995

Restaurant Postillion, Trier

Theme: "Nature and Human Beings"


December 1995

Kloster Machern, Bernkastel-Kues

Theme: "Life"


July 1996

Wandelhalle, Bad-Bertrich

Theme: "Rescue our Earth"


September 1996

Ev. Elisabeth-Krankenhaus, Trier

Theme: "Creation and medicine are arts

art leads to health"


March 1998

Deutsche Telekom

Bildungszentrum Süd, Ismaning

Theme: "Art and communication"

(award for "communication connects" )  


February / March 2001

European Parliament Luxembourg

Theme: "I Ching"

The Book of Changes / 1st Chapter